Week 4 homework

Hello P7 B

The homework for this week can be found on the P7 google drive. The link is featured below. The topic maths worksheet was issued out in class today. The homework is due Wednesday  19th September.

Enjoy the long weekend!




  1. I have enjoyed learning about the Pygmy tribe this week in our topic work because I was fascinated on how they have evolved to be small.

    I thought Holly in P7A was the best dressed as she put the most effort into her costume. I loved her wig and face paint.

    I have been kind and helpful at home by assisting my mum in cleaning my bedroom which was really messy😬


  2. 1. I enjoyed doing the feet when we came back from the sponsored walk because we got to draw a movie in them.
    2. I think that Holly was the best dressed because she put so much thought and effort into being Sadness and she even showed sadness in the photos.
    3. I have helped at home lots by helping wash the car and help cut down a tree in the garden.


  3. I enjoyed learning about chimney sums because they are better than just adding in my opinion.
    I think Caleb and Zach were best dressed because they were both 007.
    I helped my little sister tidy her HUGE mess!!!


  4. 1) what I have enjoyed this week is doing area and perimeter in maths with miss smith, because maths is fun and I enjoy doing perimeter and area.

    2) I think Holly p7A because she looked really cool and I loved her creative ideas for her make-up, clothes and great character.

    3) Something that I’ve done which was kind and helpful was helping my dog Leo getting his food ready and taking him out for walks.


  5. 1. I enjoyed the writing about the rain forest it is interesting what is in the rain forest.
    2. Theo was the best dressed because I like camo.
    3. Doing the laundry helps my mum and dad


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